The GreenGrid green roof system is transforming the built environment and creating value for building owners – one modular project at a time.

The hallmark of the GreenGrid system is simplicity, and so are our business objectives:
Provide high quality green roof products and responsive technical expertise so that our
customers want to create more GreenGrid systems

A Commitment to our Customers
We have been involved with GreenGrid since its inception. We are fully vested and operate in an efficient, ethical manner by building longstanding relationships that support our business purpose.

The GreenGrid green roof system was developed in 2001 under a collaborative partnership, Weston Solutions, Inc. (Weston) initially as the exclusive licensee and later acquired the intellectual patents and trademarks, for North America.

The modular green roof concept arose from our involvement with traditional “built-in- place” green roof systems, including the iconic Chicago City Hall project. Weston envisioned a simple, modular approach to drive construction efficiencies and remove risk when building vegetative green roofs. We understood the complexity and challenges associated with landscaping activities, soil handling and plant establishment in the harsh rooftop environment. We recognized that construction schedules, site logistics and horticultural requirements were not always aligned. Protecting the waterproofing system was another important consideration.

The design intent for a modular approach to green roof installation was to leverage horticultural expertise and logistic capabilities at regional nurseries. By assembling and pre-growing in advance, only hoisting and placing of the “finished” system occurred on the roof. Modular preparation expedites on-site system assembly while allowing planting to occur under professional nursery care and irrigation. Delivery of healthy, vigorous plantings in mature, pre-grown modules enhances product quality and reduces risk. Green roof installation can also be extended beyond the normal growing season. Installation of pre-grown modules is fast, doesn’t require special equipment or certification, and reduces or eliminates the need for a post-installation establishment period.

Early demonstration projects proved effective and shortly thereafter, the GreenGrid system was made commercially available. More than 6-million square feet has since been installed throughout North America.

By utilizing the innovative GreenGrid system, buildings are more sustainable, efficient and aesthetically pleasing, designers can incorporate a tremendous amount of color, texture and height, contractors are faster and more cost effective, and owners have the peace of mind that their green roof is mature the day it is installed. Property managers appreciate that the modules can moved, if necessary, to access to the underlying waterproofing. Overall, the GreenGrid system manages storm water runoff, contributes to energy cost savings, meets regulatory requirements, and improves property values.