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Weston and GreenGrid have always placed an extremely high value on building solid relationships to solve our client’s toughest problems and bring forth the best combination of products and services to our customers. To this end we have created alliances and partnered with the best waterproofing manufacturers and building science specialists in North America. Together we offer you best-in-industry vegetative green roof performance matched with world-class roof systems and full system warranty packages from names you trust. Learn more here or contact our alliance partners directly to discuss your waterproofing and vegetative green roof needs

Carlisle Syntec, Inc.

Weston and GreenGrid have been partnering with Carlisle Syntec, Inc. (Carlisle) since 2006 and collaborated on numerous high profile GreenGrid installations across the U.S.

“Carlisle has led the single-ply industry for over 45 years in product innovation, customer enthusiasm and system integrity. And now, we have achieved an industry milestone with the production of our12 billionth square foot of single-ply membrane.”

Carlisle’s products are uniquely suited to GreenGrid and Carlisle's GreenGrid Roof Garden system provides a variety of waterproofing options with a full line of accessories to insure a high performance system. This includes a range of membranes such as the 60-mil EPDM and TPO which are ideal for the Extensive Roof Gardens with standard 15 to 20 year warranties. GreenGrid Roof Gardens most often require 75-mil EPDM or 72-mil TPO membranes for 10-15 year warranties, and 90-mil EPDM or 80-mil TPO membranes for 20 year warranties. For the Intensive Carlisle GreenGrid Roof Gardens the membrane options include Carlisle's toughest membranes, the 90-mil EPDM, 80-mil TPO and the 115 through 145-mil FleeceBACK¨ membranes. These are examples of the myriad options offered to you through this program with varying levels of warranty up to the full-system warranty which covers waterproofing and green roof overburden removal and replacement.

Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing, Inc. (CCW)

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, Inc. (CCW) is a results focused organization that provides a very broad range of solutions to meet your waterproofing needs. CCW offers a complete line of waterproofing and moisture protection products for the construction and architectural communities. The CCW GreenGrid system is based on their 500GR Reinforced Hot Applied Liquid Membrane System. The combination of a CCW waterproofing system and GreenGrid creates a completed warranted roof assembly that meets each individual customers needs.

Mule-Hide Products

Mule-Hide Products is a national industry leader for premier low slope roofing products.

With distribution centers serving the United States and parts of Canada, Mule-Hide® has been one of the most trusted names in low-slope roofing since 1985. The long-held promise of performance behind the Mule-Hide name, trusted in roofing since 1906, continues today with premium quality low-slope products that meet the current and emerging needs of the design community.

Mule-Hide Living Roof™ featuring GREENGRID® modular technology provides the design community with a “Wrap-Around” Warranty that covers both the Mule-Hide Single-Ply Roofing System and the GREENGRID® System. Waterproofing options available include both EPDM and TPO single ply solutions.


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