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Why GreenGrid

The “new” GreenGrid modular vegetative green roof system continues to offer the distinct advantages it is known for such as simplicity of design, flexibility, and fully modular features. These have been hallmarks of the GreenGrid system since 2001. However, we recognize the continuous need for change to meet new challenges as the very dynamic green building industry continues to grow and change.


Gallery of GreenGrid projects representing a variety of applications and building types. From functional extensive vegetative green roofs to accessible rooftop garden applications, you will get a good feel for what is possible with the GreenGrid system.

Vegetative Green Roof Research

WESTON believes in providing our clients with the best products and service possible. With this goal in mind, we are actively partnering and performing research with various research institutions on a wide variety of topics to learn more about the beneficial impact of vegetative green roofing and to constantly improve the GreenGrid product line. Learn more about the research being done here.


Here you will find general industry misconceptions about green roofs and GreenGrid and vegetative green roofs in general. We feel strongly that our clients should be well informed about our system before making a decision for their project.