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Here you will find specification details of our modules and basic uses for each module.

Designing with GreenGrid

Here you can learn about the basic design options with GreenGrid.

  • Functional (Extensive) Vegetative Green Roofs
  • Designed (Semi-Intensive Vegetative Green Roofs
  • Roof Garden (Intensive) Vegetative Green Roofs
Design Guides

This section will help you to design for special goals or unique circumstances with your vegetative green roof.

  • Designing for Stormwater Efficiencies
  • Designing for Wind
  • Fire Prevention
  • Designing with Slopes
  • Designing for Roof Penetrations
  • Customizing Modules
  • Integrating Hardscape
  • Integrated Irrigation
Planting Options

Vegetation is arguably the most critical component of a vegetative green roof system. While substrate materials and growing medium are crucial engineering elements, the entire system needs to be integrally designed and vegetation is key. While numerous plant species are available, there are also untold variations in roof and building design that can affect vegetative green roof performance. GreenGrid has years of expertise and staff horticulturists to help you properly select vegetation for your particular application. Click here to learn more about planting options and the intricacies of proper plant selection.

  • Prevegetative to various growth stages
    (Site 401 GRP Course for pre-grown vs. Pre-planted explanation)
  • Plant Catalog (Regionalized)
  • Recommended Plant Lists (regionalized)
Design Services

WESTON offers a variety of design services for your vegetative green roof needs. We have a full staff of landscape designers who can provide basic-module layouts to full-color rendering of your project. In addition to providing full-service landscape designs for your rooftop, we can also provide sustainable landscape design services for your entire building envelope. Look here for more details on the services that we can provide. Waterproofing Options GreenGrid has been designed to be compatible with most commercially available low-slope waterproofing systems. This includes many common applications using single-ply membranes such as TPO, EPDM, and PVC as well as other high-quality applications such as hot or cold fluid applied systems and built-up roofing (BUR). While GreenGrid is compatible with numerous systems, some surface preparation materials and procedures will vary by manufacturer. Please contact your selected waterproofing manufacturer for specific preparations necessary for installation of your GreenGrid green roof.

Accessory Products

To complete your GreenGrid vegetative green roof system and realize all the potential benefits, GreenGrid offers several innovative accessory products to increase ecological performance and aesthetic appeal. Performance enhancements include irrigation system options and additional stormwater management tools. Aesthetic enhancements include several patio and walkway paver options to fit your needs as well as durable edge treatments for a crisp, finished look.



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