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Accessory Products

We offer an array of vegetative green roof accessories to improve the access to and usability of your vegetative green roof, to maximize its aesthetic appeal, and to increase its performance. Accessory products include:

Edge Treatment

Decorative recycled metal in coated steel or aluminum

  • Standard Edge Treatment: 0.040 Painted Aluminum (recycled content 91%) or 24-gauge Painted Steel (recycled content 28 to 35%) for placement on viewable edge of modules. Variety of color templates available.
  • Bendable Edge Treatment is to be used on the cut side of modules to retain growing medium and vegetation when custom cutting/fitting modules: 0.040 Painted Aluminum (recycled content 91%) or 24-gauge Painted Steel (recycled content 28 to 35%).


100% (post-consumer) recycled rubber pavers:

Ideal for walkways, access paths, perimeter borders, and formal patio areas. These pavers come in the standard dimension of 2 ft x 2 ft to fit seamlessly into the GreenGrid field and are available in multiple depth increments between 1.75 inches and 4 inches to meet all design needs. Pavers come in interlocking and non-interlocking varieties. Interlocking pavers are designed to keep the system aligned and stable through time when used in highly visible or routinely accessed GreenGrid applications. Numerous standard colors are available, as well as custom color configurations.

Ipé wood tile pavers:

Ipé tile pavers are available in 2-ft x 2-ft dimension for easy design incorporation. These deck paver tiles are a Brazilian hardwood species and one of the most stable and durable timber species available. Ipe resists wear, rot, splintering, termites, fire, and chemicals. Ipe is a widely used wood in outdoor applications including boardwalks, furniture, and piers. It is a species of choice due to low maintenance, smooth surface, and attractive, natural weathered color. To level and effectively drain water from beneath Ipe tiles, we offer a full complement of pedestal and leveling shims. These pedestal systems work to solve the most challenging slope-to-drain configurations.

Because of the superior structural quality of Ipe, less maintenance is used compared to other wood materials and less material is used and wasted during construction. In essence, the key is durability. Ipe lasts many times longer than traditional wood decking materials (e.g., pine, cedar, redwood) and thus does not require replacement as often; it is actually a less expensive option over the life of the project. WESTON works only with Ipe suppliers who take their commitment to sustainability seriously and source materials from sustainably managed forests that are replanted and third-party certified, ensuring legality and compliance with international laws and regulations pertaining to the harvest and trade of both temperate and tropical forest products.

Irrigation System Design and Components

GreenGrid modules have been designed to integrate and accommodate multiple irrigation scenarios and system components within the modular field and with no exposed irrigation lines, just water emitters, for a truly functional system with minimal aesthetic detractors. WESTON can supply full irrigation system design and specification services.

Irrigation requirements will be dependent upon project location and plant selection. For Extensive GreenGrid systems planted with a mix of highly drought-resistant ground covers, an irrigation system is generally not needed (exceptions do apply to some arid climates). However, GreenGrid strongly recommends a backup system to irrigate the vegetative green roof during prolonged droughts or during hot dry windy weather patterns.

Simple overhead spray system with spray heads, or spigot/hose/sprinkler systems are inexpensive and effective methods. These also provide the means to optimize the evaporative cooling effect of the GreenGrid vegetative green roof system during such weather events. Low-flow drip irrigation systems are also available.


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