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1999/2000 – Chicago City Hall

Based on years of service to the City of Chicago and our experience with ecological design, WESTON was contracted by the City of Chicago to conduct a study of the benefits of a vegetative green roof on Chicago City Hall, followed by a conceptual design of the vegetative green roof and assessment of the buildings structural integrity. Weston then prepared green roof cost estimates and the general specification for the City Hall vegetative green roof. This was followed by development of the actual contract bid specification, bid review and selection, and acting as the City’s representative during construction. This hallmark project represented our first entry into the world of vegetative green roofs, a mission for which we were uniquely qualified, and marks us as an industry pioneer in the United States.




2001 – GreenGrid Introduced

From invaluable experience gained working with the City of Chicago on their City Hall vegetative green roof project and observing the advantages and drawbacks of standard European-style built-up vegetative green roofs, a whole new way of thinking was developed that would shift the existing vegetative green roof paradigm – MODULAR. After 2 years of development, the GreenGrid modular vegetative green roof system was introduced to the world with a full scale 10,000 sf pilot project located at ABC Headquarters in Beloit, WI.





2002 – First Commercial Installations

Due to the innovation of the GreenGrid product and Weston efforts to increase awareness of the many benefits to be gained from vegetative green roofs, GreenGrids first commercial applications were installed shortly after the product was introduced in Chicago, the leading North American city for vegetative green roofs.


2003/2004 – Nationwide Expansion

Business quickly grew with continued hard work and educational outreach such that Weston expanded GreenGrid operations to cover the entire United States through our nationwide full service offices. Large GreenGrid operations quickly developed in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest as these regions quickly adopted sustainability and green building practices in their major metropolitan cities.



2007 – 1 millionth SF installed

By 2007, Weston and GreenGrid were well established and exceeded the 1 million square foot installed mark on the Pacific Garden Mission project in Chicago, IL. A fitting location due to the City’s cutting edge embrace of vegetative green roofs.




2007 – G2 Module

Never ones to sit around and enjoy the status quo, Weston is in constant motion to evaluate products for improvement as the markets change. This led to significant modifications in the structural integrity of the GreenGrid module and introduction of the G2 GreenGrid system.



2007 – Largest Modular Vegetative Green Roof Installed

Another milestone quickly approach with the installation of GreenGrid on a Lowes Home Improvement Store project in Chicago, IL . This constituted the nation’s largest modular vegetative green roof installation; a record that still stands to this day.

2008 – 2 millionth SF installed

2008 saw continued growth and a quick doubling of our square footage installed as GreenGrid modular technology gains widespread acceptance as a superior vegetative green roofing option.

2008 – G3 Module

By listening to our customers and observing a very dynamic vegetative green roof market, Weston introduced the GreenGrid G3 module in early 2008. This design effectively removed the visible perimeter lip from the module allowing vegetation to mask the seam yet allowing full access to the module for easy removal and replacement.

2009 – Growth Continues

2009 was a year of continued growth for GreenGrid even as the general economy was feeling the effects of the financial crisis. Further proof that the GreenGrid “truly modular” solution

2011 – 4 millionth SF installed over 1000 projects to date and all new G4 Zero Edge Module launched

GreenGrid doubles its volume again having installed over 4 million square feet to date in 47 states and over 1000 projects. Innovation has become a way of life at Weston and GreenGrid launches the completely redesigned G4 Zero Edge module continuing the success of the G3 seamless feature. The G4 is also specifically designed to maximize stormwater retention while allowing complete design flexibility to meet the needs of the customer.


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