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Here are our most frequently requested documents. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact your local Weston GreenGrid representative to request the information that you are looking for.


GreenGrid G4 [PDF]
GreenGrid G4 Cutaway [PDF]
GreenGrid LEED Certification [PDF]
GreenGrid Pre-Vegetated Modules [PDF]
Green Roof Monitoring Station [PDF]
GreenGrid for Healthcare Facilities [PDF]

Specification Information

Vegetated Green Roof Specification (CSI format) [PDF]

Technical Product Data

G4 4.25-Inch Module Drawing [PDF]
G4 6-Inch Module Drawing [PDF]
G4 8-Inch Module Drawing [PDF]
2-Inch Paver-Module Details [PDF]
4-Inch Paver-Module Details [PDF]
GreenGrid Specifications Summary [PDF]


Installation Guide [PDF]
GreenGrid Installation Summary [PDF]
Green Roof Maintenance Guide [PDF]

Pre-Selected Plant Mix Options

Northeast Standard Sedum Mix [PDF]
Midwest Standard Sedum Mix [PDF]
Midwest Quick-Cover Sedum Mat [PDF]
Mid-Atlantic Standard Sedum Mat Mix by Sempergreen [PDF]
Mountain Standard Sedum Mix [PDF]
Northeast and West Coast Sedum Mat Mixes by Etera

  • Tuff Stuff [PDF]
  • Color Max [PDF]
  • Sun/Shade [PDF]
  • Sweet Tea [PDF]
  • All Seasons [PDF]

Recommended Plant Lists

Lower Mid-Western [PDF]
Northern California [PDF]
Southern California [PDF]
Mid-Atlantic [PDF]
Northeast [PDF]
Upper Mid-Western [PDF]
Mountain Region [PDF]
Pacific Northwest [PDF]

Research Publications

Columbia University Energy Analysis - Green, White, & Black Roofs [PDF]